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FACT: 97% of people who lose weight on a diet, regain it (and then some) within 3 years. Diets do not work. 

Your eating habits, what you eat, your eating/dieting patterns and your cravings and addictions are just a symptom of something deeper. Diets don’t work because they only address the symptoms, not the underlying cause.

The You Shine approach to successful weight loss:

Right diet + Mindful eating + Balanced lifestyle + Healthy relationship with food (& emotional wellbeing) + The right mindset

What are the underlying causes of weight issues? For most women it’s a combination of emotions relating to food and your body, learnt habits, thought patterns and beliefs about food/weight loss/your body. Low self-esteem, not feeling good enough, feeling unfulfilled, stress and general unhappiness also affects our eating habits and lead to emotional eating – we want food to fill a void or numb difficult emotions. On this course you get the tools to explore and adress all the various causes of the symptoms to get to the bottom of it and get lasting results once and for all! 

Food is meant to nourish your body, not nurture your feelings.

The key to making permanent changes and losing weight is not just changing what you eat but also changing how you think and feel about food and your body. Healthy lifestyle changes such as getting enough sleep and reducing stress (both of which can affect your ability to lose weight more than the food you eat) are also important. We also address how you eat by practicing mindful eating and changing your eating habits. 

Once you take a holistic approach to weight loss you won’t believe how fast and easy the results come in! 

Within days you’ll see physical results such as weight loss, better digestion, improved energy, clearer skin and more energy. You soon start enjoying food more, feeling more relaxed around food, able to eat a slice of cake without any guilt, once your relationship with food improves. You’ll feel more positive, enjoy life more, stress less and have more fun in no time at all. You’ll learn to be happy with your body the way it is now, enjoy moving and treating yourself well while feeling excited about the positive changes and results that are coming. 

28 days is all it takes to create permanent changes for life! 

It takes commitment to make changes but very soon it becomes your new normal, your every day life, you’ll start really enjoying it and it takes no effort at all. 28 days of daily commitment and focus and you’ll never have to diet again, imagine that?! 

What's included in the SHINEstarter

  • 150 easy recipes with sample menus and shopping lists
  • Clear & easy to follow plan for healthy lifestyle
  • All the facts you need to know about nutrition, the food/diet industry marketing tricks, weight loss and eating healthy
  • All you need to know about mindful eating, natural portion control and changing your eating habits
  • Exercise plan –  a simple beginners’ guide to inspire you to move more and enjoy it. Suitable for busy people!
  • Facts about stress and sleep, how they affect your weigh and health and how to make positive lifestyle changes
  • Exercises to help you heal your relationship with food and stop emotional eating (the cause of weight gain, the only reason you can’t control yourself around food)
  • Tools and tricks to change your mindset and attitude and to keep you motivated and inspired
  • Daily inspiration, your questions answered and support whenever you need it!
  • The course is delivered via daily emails and bonus posts in a private FB group. You’ll have access to extra support via email or private messages any time!

I’m loving this plan so much and the positive attitude towards nutrition and diet. I have lost 10lbs and I haven’t felt like I’m on a diet at all!


5 Elements of permanent weight loss & healthy lifestyle

1. Right diet

What you eat and what you don’t eat is, of course, important for weight loss. The diet industry has confused everyone with complicated systems and the conflicting opinions over what you should and shouldn’t eat. The Kickstarter takes all this confusion away. To lose weight, all you have to do is eat healthy. Eat clean (meaning, no processed junk food). We take it back to basics and keep it simple! 

2. Mindful eating

It’s not just about what you eat, how you eat is as important. Examine your eating habits, identify any issues and then fix them. Are you an emotional eater? Do you have a lot of bad habits like mindless snacking in front of TV or at your desk? Do you skip meals? Cut out bad habits, learn new good habits. Learn mindful eating and natural portion control.

3. Balanced lifestyle

Your overall lifestyle is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Things like stress and lack of sleep can cause weight gain or make it hard to lose weight. Did you know that belly fat is often caused by stress? You’ll learn lots of tools to reduce stress, sleep better, be more mindful of your time use, exercise, meditate and switch off.

4. Healthy relationship with food

This is all about your emotional wellbeing. What’s your relationship with food like? Are you, like so many women are, an emotional eater? How do you feel about your body? Is your body your friend or an enemy? Do you want to change so you can like yourself better or because you love yourself and want to treat yourself well?

For most women, this is the underlying cause of their weight and food issues. Extra weight is just a symptom of something deeper and losing weight is not going to fix that but healing the root cause is going to lead to easy weight loss.

5. Positive mindset

Mindset is everything, it either makes things hard or easier. Whatever you expect, tends to happen. Most people expect weight loss to be hard and boring and so it is. You can change your expectation, change how you see eating healthy and you’ll soon find it easier and enjoyable.

You’ll learn tools to stay motivated, develop a positive outlook, learn to be more present and use many tools to make achieving your goals easier. 

A healthy relationship with food makes weight loss easy!

You have an unhealthy relationship with food if...

  1. You’re an emotional eater .You think food will make you feel better.
  2. You are always on a diet and go through periods of being super strict
  3. You see food as a weight-management tool; everything is either good or bad for weight loss
  4. You often overeat
  5. You view many foods as forbidden or bad and feel guilty if you eat them
  6. You use language such as ‘I’ve been so good’ or ‘I was so bad this weekend’ when talking about your diet

You have a healthy relationship with food if...

  1. You enjoy food, mostly healthy foods but sometimes some of the ‘bad’ stuff too, and you never feel guilty for it
  2. You eat when you’re physically hungry
  3. You eat a balanced and varied diet full of foods you like
  4. You’re rarely on diet
  5. You stop eating when you’re satisfied
  6. You don’t really worry about your diet
  7. You don’t have a list of banned foods/bad foods or foods you should and shouldn’t eat
  8. It doesn’t take much, if any, willpower for you to maintain a healthy diet

My beautician was wowed by my skin today. She said it looked like i had about €1000 worth of laser therapy! Told her about this course and how with little effort I had cleaned up my diet. I’m delighted with that comment!



Change your life in 28 days, starting today! NOW JUST €28 – that’s €1/day!  (normal price €49)

Just some of the 150 delicious recipes

This plan suits all special diet – vegetarian, vegan, lactose-free, gluten-free, meat eaters and many more. Recipes are quick, easy and family friendly!

I can’t believe that I love making the recipes! I find them easy and delicious. I am keeping up with the positive self talk and telling myself that I can continue to eat and live this way. For me the whole package just worked. Thank you so much


Morning! I feel great this morning. Hand on heart, I don’t know the last time I woke up this fresh. Tina, you have given me a whole new view of things. A combination of positive attitude, healthy eating and decent sleep and I just feel amazing! THANK YOU! 


I can’t describe in words how fantastic I feel, it’s amazing! I enjoyed the challenge of the clean week, it encouraged me to try different foods… I was a complete chocoholic but I feel so good now without sugar and I no longer see something sweet as a treat because I know how awful I’ll feel after it. On a very positive note I no longer have any joint pain…also no headaches or breast tenderness this month which makes life so much easier!


Have a Question? Don't Be Shy

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?
  • Simple. You can do this course anywhere/anytime as long as you have access to email and Facebook.
  • We’ll have a private group on Facebook where we’ll post information, instructions, encouragement etc daily (in fact, several times a day!).
  • Participants can also use this forum to ask questions and chat to each others – this support from the community is a key part of the success of our programmes and so far, we’ve always had a really lovely, honest and supportive group of ladies!
  • You’ll get 2 emails a week, one summarising the past week’s discussions and another one with instructions for the coming week.
  • Throughout the course, you’ll also be able to get support via email anytime you need it.
What is clean eating?

Clean eating simply means eating whole foods and leaving out all processed foods. Whole foods include fruit, vegetables, some healthy grains, some healthy dairy products and meats. We do not leave out any one food group. Processed foods, which we cut out or limit, include things like sweets, biscuits, cakes, low quality bread, ready meals, take aways, shop bought juices and smoothies, fizzy drinks, processed sugar and foods with lots of additives in them…. All the stuff that was made in factories, that has no nutritional value. This stuff tends to be what makes us gain weight, damages our health and it’s also addictive. You will have lots of healthy alternatives to all your favourite foods so you never feel deprived and sometimes it’s ok to have some of the not-so-healthy things too!

Give me examples of the foods I can eat

Here are some of the recipes you’ll be getting:

  • Bolognese (both, meat and veggie)
  • Frittatas and other egg based meals
  • Flapjacks
  • Baked beans
  • Shepherd’s pie
  • Different stir fries
  • Chicken nuggets
  • Fish recipes
  • Baked chicken
  • Soups
  • Green smoothies
  • Bean burgers (2 different recipes)
  • Dahl
  • Bean hotpot
  • Chocolate mousse
  • Milkshakes
  • Lots of healthy dessert recipes
  • Lots of easy to make dinners that take you no longer than 15-20 minutes to prepare
I'm on a special diet, is this suitable for me?

Yes! The course is suitable for all special diets – gluten free, vegetarian, vegan, meat eaters, egg free and any food allergies.