Get your shine on with a 5 day Autumn Detox!

Get back on track, lose the bloat, find your shine, get inspired and energised for autumn and winter! It only takes 5 days! 

STARTS 1st OCTOBER! Now just €21!


My Summer Detox was all about inspiration. Getting inspired so that it’s easier to stick with healthy wholesome eating for the rest of of the year. It was a great 5 days and I personally feel super inspired by all the feedback I’ve received from participants and the amazing results that you achieved! Not just physical results but also changes in mindset and your relationship with your body and food.

The theme for October is presence, staying in the now.


This is something I have worked on myself for the past several months and it has made such a huge difference in my life. Life is easier and happier! Do you realise that  stress, worry and anxiety is caused by you thinking about the future, what might or might not happen? Furthermore, the reason why people tend to fail to achieve their weight/fitness goals is because they are so focused on their goal, which is one day in the future, so they fail to enjoy life now and the stress of it leads to failure. Life is here and now, so many of us miss it because our mind are always in the future or the past. It’s time to learn to be here, in the now, enjoy what is now and make the most of it because that’s all you can do, you can only live life in the now so why worry about anything else?

You’ll learn how staying present helps you achieve your goals, it actually helps you stay inspired too! The motto is ‘take your eye off the prize’. Learn to enjoy the process and the results will come easily. We’ll practice mindful eating and learn simple tricks to use simple yet powerful ‘presence practice’ to overcome cravings and food addictions.

The practices you’ll learn will not only help you transform your diet and lifestyle easily but they can also be applied to any other area of your life so this short 5 day course can be truly life changing if you commit to it! Of course, we’ll continue to work on staying inspired because it’s so important! You’ll find that inspiration actually comes easily when you start focusing more on the now.

I look forward to detoxing with you in October, Tina x

What’s included:

OCTOBER THEME: Being present

The best way to achieve your goals is to learn to enjoy the process – in this case, it’s healthy eating. It’s also the only way to create a permanent lifestyle change. Life is too short to do things that make you miserable, right? It is actually very easy to learn to enjoy the process, so easy that you could do it right now without much effort. You just need to stop focusing on the future (or past) and be present in your life now, otherwise you miss it. Stop thinking so much. Focus on what you’re doing. Be fully in your shoes, instead of always wishing you were somewhere or something else or spending more time following other people’s lives than your own.

On this course you’ll learn some very simple tricks and get lots of ‘food for thought’ that will transform the way you eat and live!

The food!

It wouldn’t be a detox if it didn’t involve food, right? On this course, we get straight to business. There’s two things you have to do: leave out the stuff that does more damage than good to your body (all processed foods, sugar, caffeine, booze) and then fill up with foods that benefit your health (veggies, fruit, good fats in moderation, good proteins). The recipes are all simple, quick to cook and delicious. They’re suitable for vegans, meat eaters, lactose-free, gluten-free and other special diets. 

One week before the start date,  I’ll send you an email with tips on how to get a head start to make the actual detox easier and avoid withdrawal symptoms from caffeine, sugar and junk food. So if your diet is currently really bad, sign up asap to get started! 

Detox handbook, including recipes will be emailed out on Friday 28th September to give you time to prepare over the weekend (or as soon as you sign up, if you sign up after the 28th)


Inspiration, not motivation, is the secret ingredient to success, it’s like magic potion you should drink every morning. I aim to inspire you and also to empower you to take control of your own life and your diet. Find our what inspires you, be confident enough to make your own decisions and always put your happiness ahead of everything else. Love yourself today, exactly as you are right now because you are so worth it!


It is all in your head! How you view things, your attitude, makes all the difference. Turn your ‘I can’ts’ into ‘I can and I will, just watch me’ and try to erase all that negativity around food and your body that years of living in this diet-obsessed world has caused. We’ll work on self-love and kindness, feeling good enough and enjoying eating well and looking after our beautiful bodies now, because we all deserve it and we don’t give a hoot what anyone else says! 


Sign up any time! As soon as you sign up, you’ll get 2 emails:

First email (26th September or the day you sign up) is filled tips to start changing your mindset, start getting inspired and being more present. This is groundwork that will really help you with the detox! This emails also includes tips on changes you can start making ahead of the detox to reduce the likelihood of detox symptoms. 

Second email (28th September), includes your detox handbook and all your recipes and advice on how to get prepared. It’s recommended that you take a day or two to get ready before starting. Preparation is the key to success

After that, you’ll receive an email every day. These emails are packed with facts, inspiration and tips to get the most out of this course. You’ll also be able to email us or ask any questions in our Facebook group. I’ll also give you advice on what to do after the detox, how to make sure that you stick to clean eating for a while after this course and continue to get results, such as weight loss and feeling energised. It’s important to not be too strict and understand that it’s normal to let things slip a bit after few weeks. There’ll be a winter detox coming up later this year that will get you focus again! After each detox, you’ll find that it’s easier and easier to eat clean, it start coming naturally to you and before you know it, it’s your new normal!


Now just €21! 

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